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Name   Cai, Fulong Home Page     
Highest Education      Ph.D Office      Building 3,Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101P.R. China
Phone      Zip Code      100101
Fax      Email      flcai@itpcas.ac.cn

Education and Appointments:


2004-2009 Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS  Geology  Ph.D

2000-2004 China University of Petroleum (East China)  Geology  B.S.

Professional Appointments

2016-Present   Associate Professor  Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS

2012-2016    Assistant Professor  Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS

2012-2013    Visiting scholar     University of Arizona

2009-2012    Postdoc           Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS

Research Interest:

My research focuses on the orogenic evolution of mountain belts and associated sedimentary basins. I combine geological mapping and sedimentology with geochronology to understand the process of oceanic subduction and continental collision in Tibet and Myanmar.

Public Services:

Selected Publications:


  1. Cai F.L., Ding L., Laskosiki A.K., Kapp P., Wang H., Xu Q., Zhang L. Late Triassic paleogeographic reconstruction along the Neo–Tethyan Ocean margins, southern Tibet. Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, 2016. 435: 105-114.


  1. Cai F.L., Ding L., Yao W., Laskosiki A.K., Xu Q., Zhang J., Kyaing Sein. Provenance and tectonic evolution of Lower Paleozoic–Upper Mesozoic strata from Sibumasu terrane, Myanmar. Gondwana Research, 2015, doi/10.1016/j.gr.2015.03.005.
  2. Kapp P., Pullen A., Pelletier J., Russell J., Goodman P., Cai F.L. From dust to dust: Quaternary wind erosion of the Mu Us Desert and Loss Plateau, China. Geology, 2015, 43:835-838.
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  1. Ding L., Xu Q., Yue Y.H., Wang H.Q., Cai F.L., Li S. The Andean-type Gangdese Mountains: Paleoelevation record from the Paleocene-Eocene Linzhou Basin. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2014, 392:250-264.
  2. Zhang L.Y., Ding L., Pullen A., Xu Q., Liu D.L., Cai F.L., Yue Y.H., Lai Q.Z., Shi R.D. Age and geochemistry of western Hoh-Xil-Songpan-Ganzi granitoids, northern Tibet: Implications for the Mesozoic closure of the Paleo-Tethys Ocean. Lithos, 2014, 190:328-348.


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  1. Cai F.L., Ding, L., Leary R.L., Wang, H.Q., Xu Q., Zhang L.Y., Yue Y.H. Tectono- stratigraphy and provenance of an accretionary complex within the Yarlung-Zangpo suture zone, southern Tibet: insights into subduction-accretion processes in the Neo-Tethys. Tectonophysics, 2012. 574-575, 181-192.
  2. Chen W.W., Yang T.S., Zhang S.L., Yang Z.Y., Li H.Y., Wu H.C., Zhang J.H., Ma Y.M., Cai F.L. Paleomagnetic results from the Early Cretaceous Zenong Group volcanic rocks, Cuoqin, Tibet, and their paleogeographic implications. Gondwana Research. 2012,22:461-469.
  3. Zhang L.Y., Ding L., Yang D., Xu Q., Cai F.L., Liu D.L. Origin of middle Miocene leucogranites and rhyolites on the Tibetan Plateau: Constraints on the timing of crustal thickening and uplift of its northern boundary. Chinese Science Bulletin. 2012,57:511-524.


  1. Cai F.L., Ding L., Yue Y. H.Provenance analysis of upper Cretaceous strata in the Tethys Himalaya, Southern Tibet: Implications for timing of India-Asia collision.Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, 2011. 305: 195-206.
  2. Zhang Q.H., Ding L., Cai F.L., Xu X.X., Zhang L.Y., Xu Q., Willems H. Early Cretaceous Gangdese retroarc foreland basin evolution in the Selin Co basin, central Tibet: Evidence from sedimentology and detrital zircon geochronology.Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 2011, 353: 27-44.


  1. Xu Q., Ding L., Zhang L.Y., Yang D., Cai F.L., Lai Q.Z., Liu J., Shi R.D. Stable isotopes of modern herbivore tooth enamel in the Tibetan Plateau: Implications for paleoelecation reconstructions. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010, 55:45-54.

Supported Projects:
  1. 2016-2019 Processes of Gangdese Orogeny and associated mineralization. The National Key Research and Development Program of China.
  2. 2015-2018 Structure and component of mélange in the central Yarlung-Zangbo suture zone. The National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  3. 2012-2017 Tectonic evolution of Indo-Burma Ranges. Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  4. 2011-2013 Patterns and timing of deformation in the central Yarlung-Zangbo suture zone. The National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  5. 2010-2012 Provenance analysis of late Cretaceous to Eocene sequences in Yarlung-Zangpo foreland basin: implications for the initial collision between India and Asia. China Postdoctoral Council.