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Name   Liu, Jianbao Home Page     
Highest Education      Ph.D Office      Building 3,Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101P.R. China
Phone      010-8409 7034 Zip Code      100101
Fax      010-8409 7079 Email      jbliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Education and Appointments:

Education :

  • Ph.D. in Quaternary Sciences, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 2015
  • B.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 2010

Appointments :

  • Professor, Institute of Tibet Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Science, 2018-present
  • Lecturer, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou university, 2015-2018

Research Interest:

Aquatic ecology and limnology, global environmental change

Public Services:

Selected Publications:
  1. Liu, J. B, Rühland, K. M., Chen, J. H., Xu, Y. Y., Chen, S. Q., Chen, Q. M., Huang, W., Xu, Q. H., Chen, F. H*., Smol, J. P*, 2017. Aerosol-weakened summer monsoons decrease lake fertilization in the Chinese Loess Plateau. Nature Climate Change, 7, 190–194.
  2. Liu, J. B., Chen, S. Q., Chen, J. H., Zhang, Z. P., Chen, F. H*., 2017. Chinese cave δ18O records do not represent northern East Asian summer monsoon rainfall. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1703471114.
  3. Liu, J. B., Chen, J. H*., Zhang, X. J., Li, Y., Rao, Z. G., Chen, F. H*., 2015. Holocene East Asian summer monsoon records in northern China and their inconsistency with Chinese stalagmite δ18O records. Earth-Science Reviews, 148, 194–208.
  4. Yang, X. L., Liu, J. B*., Liang, F. Y., Yuan, D. X., Yang, Y., Chen, F. H., 2014. Holocene stalagmite δ18O records in the East Asian monsoon region and their correlation with those in the Indian monsoon region. The Holocene, 24(12), 1657-1664.
  5. Liu, J. B., Chen, F. H*., Chen, J. H., Zhang, X. J., Liu, J., Bloemendal, J., 2014. Weakening of the East Asian summer monsoon at 1000–1100 A.D. within the Medieval Climate Anomaly: Possible linkage to changes in the Indian Ocean-western Pacific. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 119(5), 2209–2219.
  6. Liu, J. B., Chen, J. H*., Selvaraj, K., Xu, Q. H., Wang, Z. L., Chen, F. H., 2014. Chemical weathering over the last 1200 years recorded in the sediments of Gonghai Lake, Lvliang Mountains, North China: a high-resolution proxy of past climate. Boreas, 43(4), 914-923.
  7. Chen, F. H., Liu, J. B., Xu, Q. H., Li, Y. C., Chen, J. H., Wei, H. T., Liu, Q. S., Wang, Z. L., Cao, X. Y., Zhang, S. R., 2013, Environmental magnetic studies of sediment cores from Gonghai Lake: implications for monsoon evolution in North China during the late glacial and Holocene. Journal of Paleolimnology, 49 (3), 447–464.
  8. Liu, J. B., Chen, F. H*., Chen, J. H., Xia, D. S., Xu, Q. H., Wang, Z. L., Li, Y., 2011. Humid Medieval Warm Period recorded by magnetic characteristics of sediments from Gonghai Lake, Shanxi, North China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 56(23), 2464-2474.
  9. Liu, J. B., Chen, J. H., Selvaraj, K*., Chen, S, Q*., Xie, C. L., Chen, Q. M., Lin, B. Z., Yu, K. F., Xu, Q. H., Velasco, V. M., Chen, F. H., 2017. A 14.7 Ka Record of Earth’s Surface Processes from the Arid-Monsoon Transitional China. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 43(3), 723–734.
  10. Chen, S.Q., Liu, J.B*., Xie, C.L., Chen, J.H., Wang, H.P., Wang, Z.L., Rao, Z.G., Xu, Q.H., Chen, F.H., 2018. Evolution of integrated lake status since the last deglaciation: A high-resolution sedimentary record from Lake Gonghai, Shanxi, China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 496, 175–182.

Supported Projects: