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Name   Zhang, Qinghai Home Page     
Highest Education      Ph.D Office      Building 3,Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101P.R. China
Phone      Zip Code      100101
Fax      010-8409 7079 Email      zhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Education and Appointments:
  • 2018.01 - present, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor
  • 2013.02 - 2017.01, Universität Bremen (Germany), Paleoenvironment, PostDoc
  • 2008.12 - 2013.01, Universität Bremen (Germany), Biostratigrapy, PhD
  • 2005.09 - 2008.11, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sedimentary tectonics, PhD candidate
  • 2002.09 - 2005.06, China University of Petroleum, Sedimentary geology, M.S.
  • 1998.09 - 2002.06, Daqing Petroleum Institute, Petroleum exploration and development, B.S.

Research Interest:

Biostratigraphy, Paleoenvironment

Public Services:

  • CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program (C), Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018
  • Outstanding PhD thesis, Universität Bremen, 2013
Selected Publications:
  1. Zhang Q, Wendler I, Xu X, Willems H, Ding L., Structure and magnitude of the carbon isotope excursion during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. Gondwana Research 46, 114-123 (2017).
  2. Zhang Q, Willems H, Ding L., Evolution of the Paleocene-Early Eocene larger benthic foraminifera in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet, China. International Journal of Earth Sciences 102, 1427-1445 (2013).
  3. Zhang Q, Willems H, Ding L, Gräfe K-U, Appel E., Initial India-Asia Continental Collision and Foreland Basin Evolution in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet: Evidence from Stratigraphy and Paleontology. The Journal of Geology 120, 175-189 (2012).
  4. Zhang Q, Ding L., Cai F., Xu X., Zhang L., Xu Q., Willems H., Early Cretaceous Gangdese retroarc foreland basin evolution in the Selin Co basin, central Tibet: evidence from sedimentology and detrital zircon geochronology. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 353, 27-44 (2011).
  5. Kahsnitz MM, Zhang Q, Willems H., Stratigraphic distribution of the larger benthic foraminifera Lockhartia in south Tibet (China). Journal of Foraminiferal Research 46, 34-47 (2016)
  6. Liebke U, Appel E, Ding L, Zhang Q., Age constraints on the India - Asia collision derived from secondary remanences of Tethyan Himalayan sediments from the Tingri area. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 62, 329-340 (2013).
  7. Ding L, Yang D, Cai F, Pullen A, Kapp P, Gehrels G, Zhang L, Zhang Q, Lai Q, Yue Y, Shi R., Provenance analysis of the Mesozoic Hoh-Xil-Songpan-Ganzi turbidites in northern Tibet: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the eastern Paleo-Tethys Ocean. Tectonics 32, (2013).
  8. Crouzet C, Appel E, El Bay R, Ding L, Dunkl I, Montomoli C, Carosi R, Zhang Q, Wauschkuhn B., Kinematics of the crust around the Ama Drime Massif (southern Tibet) - Constraints from paleomagnetic results. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 58, 119-131 (2012).
  9. Pullen A, Kapp P, Gehrels GE, Ding L, Zhang Q., Metamorphic rocks in central Tibet: Lateral variations and implications for crustal structure. Geological Society of America Bulletin 123, 585-600 (2011).
  10. Ding, L., Yue, Y., Cai, F., Xu, X., Zhang, Q., Lai, Q., 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, geochemical and Sr-Nd-O isotopic characteristics of the high-Mg ultrapotassic rocks in Lhasa block of Tibet: Implications in the onset time and depth of NS-striking rift system. Acta Geologica Sinica 80, 1252-1261 (2006).

Supported Projects:
  • 2013-2016, DFG funded project, “The late Paleocene to early Eocene CIE and biotic changes in the eastern Neotethys Ocean (Tibet/China and Ladakh/India)”, Co-PI
  • 2009-2012, sub-project of DFG Priority Program 1372, “India-Eurasia plate convergence and environmental consequences”, Major participant.