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Name   Yang, Xiaoxin Home Page     
Highest Education      Ph.D. Office      Building 3,Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101P.R. China
Phone      010-8409 7123 Zip Code      100101
Fax      Email      xxy@itpcas.ac.cn

Education and Appointments:

2004-2005, Junior research intern, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research CAS;
2005-2010, Graduate fellow majoring in Physical Geography, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences/Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research CAS;
2010-2012.6, Assistant professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research CAS;
2012.7-now, Associate professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research CAS

Research Interest:

Water stable isotopes and their indication of atmospheric circulation processes 

Public Services:

Selected Publications:
  1. Yang, X.X., Yao, T.D, Deji, Zhao, H.B., and Xu, B.Q. Possible ENSO influences on the northwestern Tibetan Plateau revealed from annually resolved ice core records. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2018, doi: 10.1002/2017JD027755.

  2. Yang, X.X., Davis, M. E., Acharya, S., Yao, T.D. Asian Monsoon variations revealed from stable isotopes in precipitation. Climate Dynamics, 2017, doi:10.1007/s00382-017-4011-4.

  3. Deji, Yao, TD, Yang, X.X., Xu, BQ, Zhao, HB, Li, JL, Li, Z, Wu, GJ, Yao, P, You, C, Zhu, ML, Wang, M, Qu, DM, Li, QL.Warming and wetting climate during last century revealed by an ice core in northwest Tibetan Plateau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2017,487,270-277.

  4. Yang, X.X., Yao, T., Different sub-monsoon signals in stable oxygen isotope in daily precipitation to the northeast of the Tibetan Plateau. Tellus B, 2016,68, 27922.

  5. Yang, X.X., Yao, T., Joswiak, D., and Yao, P. Integration of Tibetan Plateau ice core temperature records and the influence of atmospheric circulation on isotopic signals in the past century, Quaternary Research, 2014,81(3): 520-530.

  6. Yao, TD,V. Masson-Delmotte, Gao, J, Yu, WS, Yang, XX, C. Risi, C. Sturm, M. Werner,Zhao, HB, He, Y. A review of climatic controls on delta O-18 in precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau: observations and simulations. Reviews of Geophysics, 2013, 51(4), doi: 10.1002/rog.20023.

  7. Ren, W,Yao, TD,Yang, XX,Daniel Joswiak.Implications of variations in delta O-18 and delta D in precipitation at Madoi in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Quaternary International,        2013. 313, 56-61.

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  9. Wang, WC, Yang, XX, Yao, TD. Evaluation of ASTER GDEM and SRTM and their suitability in hydraulic modelling of a glacial lake outburst flood in southeast Tibet. Hydrological Processes,        2012, 26(2), 213-225.

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