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Bai, Yan 010-8409 7054 Baiyan06@itpcas.ac.cn

Uplift of Tibetan Plateau and environmental change

Cai, Dong 0891-6805 523 caidong@itpcas.ac.cn

Mass balance of Glacier

Cai, Fulong flcai@itpcas.ac.cn

My research focuses on the orogenic evolution of mountain belts and associated sedimentary basins. I combine geological mapping and sedimentology with geochronology to understand the process of oceanic subduction and continental collision in Tibet and Myanmar.

Cao, Xianyong xcao@itpcas.ac.cn

Pollen-based past vegetation and climate reconstruction

Chen, Xuelong x.chen@itpcas.ac.cn

land-air interaction coupling and its parameterization

Chen, Yingying 010-8409 7114 chenyy@itpcas.ac.cn

land surface model improving, land surface data assimilation, and micrometeorological observing and data analyzing. 

Gao, Jing 010-8409 7112 gaojing@itpcas.ac.cn

Water stable isotopes: present processes and ice core records

Gao, Yang 010-8409 7052 yanggao@itpcas.ac.cn

Mainly focus on remote sensing observed snow and glacier change under global warming and its environmental effect

Gong, Ping 010-8409 7109 gongping@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric Environment and Long-Range Transport of Pollutants in the Third Pole Regions

Huang, Jie 010-8409 7034 huangjie@itpcas.ac.cn

Cryospheric Environment

Jiang, Lili lljiang@itpcas.ac.cn

Grassland Ecology, Global change Ecology

Lei, yanbin 010-8409 7046 leiyb@itpcas.ac.cn
Li, Chaoliu 010-8409 7050 lichaoliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Environmental Chemistry

Li, Jinxiang 010-8409 7034 ljx@itpcas.ac.cn Economic geology, mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposits, Porphyry-HS epithermal system, Porphyry-Skarn Cu-Fe-Pb-Zn deposits
Li, Minghui 010-8409 7056 liminghui@itpcas.ac.cn
Liang, Liqiao 010-8409 7172 liangliqiao@itpcas.ac.cn
Liu, Hongbing 010-8409 7048 hbliu@itpcas.ac.cn
Liu, Yongwen liuyongwen@itpcas.ac.cn

Global change and terrestrial carbon-nitrogen cycle

Lu, Xinmiao 010-8409 7051 lvxm@itpcas.ac.cn

vegetation ecology and palynology

Niu, Xiaolei 010-8409 7033 xniu@itpcas.ac.cn

Satellite remote sensing and radiation; Hydrometeorology 

Shi, Xiaonan 010-8409 7115 shixiaonan@itpcas.ac.cn

Watershed hydrology and mass transport in water (including solution, sediment, and stable isotope), by focusing on the model theory, process and mechanism, and application

Tang, Wenjun 010-8409 7046 tangwj@itpcas.ac.cn

Quantitative remote sensing ; Surface energy balance and climate change  

Tsechoe, Dorji 13908944373 tsechoedorji@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Junbo 010-8409 7055 wangjb@itpcas.ac.cn

Lake sediments and environmental changes

Wang, Mo wangmo@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric Environment

Wang, Weicai 010-8424 9468 weicaiwang@itpcas.ac.cn

Glacial lake mapping and glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) risk assessment on the Tibetan Plateau

Wang, Weimin 010-8409 7049 wangwm@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Yafeng 010-8424 9481 yfwang@itpcas.ac.cn
Wei, Honghong 010-8409 7048 weihh@itpcas.ac.cn

Sedimentology and Basin Analysis

Wu, Fuli 010-8409 7056 wufuli@itpcas.ac.cn

Late Cenozoic climatic change

Xu, Qiang 010-8409 7172 xuqiang@itpcas.ac.cn

Imaging the crust and upper mantle structure of Tibetan Plateau by seismic techniques

Xu, Ri 010-8409 7072 xu-ri@itpcas.ac.cn

Global change and biogeochemical cycles

Xu, Xiangke 010-8409 7114 xkxu@itpcas.ac.cn

Quaternary glacial geomorphology and climate 

Yang, Wei 010-8409 7049 yangww@itpcas.ac.cn

Glacier change and modeling

Yang, Xiaoxin 010-8409 7123 xxy@itpcas.ac.cn

Water stable isotopes and their indication of atmospheric circulation processes 

Yang, Yibo yangyibo@itpcas.ac.cn

Interactions between tectonics, climate, erosion and weathering linked with the Tibetan Plateau uplift and the Asian monsoon evolution

Ye, Qinghua 010-8409 7054 yeqh@itpcas.ac.cn I am interested in comprehensive research on geographical changes of spatial pattern and temporal process from space by digital satellite images and Geographical Information System (GIS). Up to now my research focuses on Cryosphere monitoring, e.g. changes of glacier/ice and lakes over the Tibetan Plateau using multi-source remote-sensing data and GIS technologies.
Zan, Jinbo 010-8409 7172 zanjb@itpcas.ac.cn

Environmental Magnetism and Late Cenozoic climatic change

Zhang, Heng zhangheng415@itpcas.ac.cn

Seismology, Geophysics and Geodynamics

Zhang, Lin 010-8409 7055 zhanglin@itpcas.ac.cn

Ecological adaptations of alpine plants

Zhang, Liyun 010-8409 7109 zly@itpcas.ac.cn HomePage
Zhang, Qianggong 010-8409 7043 Qianggong.zhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Trace element records in snow/ice and atmospheric environment 

Zhang, Qinghai zhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Biostratigraphy, Paleoenvironment

Zhang, Weilin 010-8409 7034 zhangwl@itpcas.ac.cn
Zhao, Huabiao 010-8409 7052 zhaohb@itpcas.ac.cn

Glaciochemistry and paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes

Zheng, Donghai zhengd@itpcas.ac.cn

Land Surface Modeling, Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture

Zhu, Haifeng 010-8409 7053 zhuhf@itpcas.ac.cn
zhang, guoqing 010-8409 7046 guoqing.zhang@itpcas.ac.cn