Talent details

Name:Lin Ding
Title & Affiliation:Ph.D, Professor, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Homepage in Chinese:http://sourcedb.itpcas.cas.cn/cn/expert/200907/t20090706_2001506.html
Address:Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 China

Education and Appointments

Dr. Ding has studied the geology of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas over 30 years. His expertise lies in continental tectonics, structural geology, geochemistry and geochronology. His research interests focus on the processes of oceanic convergence and continental collision, uplift of the Tibetan Plateau, and uplift-related effects on Asian climate. He has been widely recognized as an expert with international influences and leading the study of Continental Collision, Tibetan Plateau Uplift and Environmental Changes.
Dr. Ding has published ~280 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including 10 ESI top 0.01% - 1% papers and 38 top-journal papers in Science (1), Science Advances (2), Nature Communications (1), PNAS (2), NREE (1), Geology (14) and EPSL (17). His work was cited 22000 times. Dr. Ding was selected as the 2018-2020 Most Cited Chinese Researcher by Elsevier Publications. He was invited to deliver oral presentations at four international conferences, including 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, 2019 London Annual Meeting, 2013 & 2019 Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet (HKT) Workshops. 

State Key Laboratory of Tibetan Plateau Earth System, Environment and Resources (TPESER)
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITPCAS)

CAS member, Professor and Deputy director of ITPCAS, Director of TPESER

Major Academic Contributions
1. The India-Asia collision
Over the past three decades, Dr. Ding has investigated numerous sedimentary basins along the Yarlung Tsangbo Suture Zone (YTSZ) in Tibet (Ding et al., 2005, 2017a; Cai et al., 2011, 2012; Li et al., 2017; Wang et al., 2017, 2020), in Myanmar, and in Pakistan (Ding et al., 2016; Qasim et al., 2018). He discovered that a peripheral foreland basin system existed along the southern YZSZ, extending from the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis to the Western Himalayan Syntaxis. He proposed that the Indian-Asian continent first collided in the middle of the YZSZ (at Sangdanlin) at ~65-62 Ma, and that the collision spread diachronously eastwards (northeast India and Myanmar) and westwards (Pakistan) during ~55-50 Ma. The Sangdanlin section has been restudied by several international groups, e.g. by Peter DeCelles & Paul Kapp (DeCelles et al., 2014), Hu & Ganzanti (Hu et al., 2016), and Wu (Wu et al., 2014), and it has become a classic site for constraining the initial India-Asia collision. Ding’s work has challenged the traditional view that the initial collision first occurred in the western syntaxis at ~50 Ma and sutured diachronously eastwards, as previously suggested by many workers.
2. Paleoelevation history of the Tibetan Plateau and environmental effects
Dr. Ding has reported a number of high-quality Cenozoic paleoelevation data from across the Tibetan Plateau, such as for the Himalaya mountains (Ding et al., 2017; Xu et al., 2018), Gangdese mountains, and Tangra Yum Co in the Lhasa block (Ding et al., 2014; Xu et al., 2015), the central part of the Watershed Mountains in the Qiangtang block (Xu et al., 2013; Xiong et al., 2020), and the Longmenshan mountains in eastern Tibet (Xu et al., 2016). He proposed that the Gangdese, Qiangtang, and Himalaya attained their near-present elevations at ~56 Ma, ~50-28 Ma, and ~15 Ma, respectively. The result implies that different parts of the Tibetan Plateau grew at different times, in contrast to the previous view of an overall plateau uplift process. Based on these paleoelevation studies, he proposed that the Tibetan Plateau in the Eocene was a low-elevation valley sandwiched in between two mountains with >4,500 m elevation to the south and to the north (Ding et al., 2014). This is consistent with subsequent modeling results (Valdes et al., 2019). Ding’s work substantially improves our understanding of the paleogeographic evolution of Tibet and its potential effects on Asian climate change. His work suggests that the Gangdese Mountains played an essential role in shaping the late Paleocene–early Eocene South Asian monsoon (Ding et al., 2014). Contrast of precipitation patterns between the Himalaya-Tibet edifice and the Himalaya foreland basin for the past ~56 Ma shows that the progressive drying across southern Tibet was linked with the uplift of the Himalaya orogen (Ding et al., 2017; Xu et al., 2018).
3. The transition from oceanic to continental subduction
Based on the study of volcanic rocks in the southern Qiangtang and Lhasa terranes, Dr. Ding proposed that the transition from oceanic to continental subduction occurred in the Early Tertiary and that the front of the Indian continental lithosphere now lies beneath the southern Qiangtang Terrane (Ding et al., 2003, 2007). Following geophysics work provides the direct structural evidence of Indian continental subduction beneath Tibet and Myanmar (Zhao, et al., 2007, PNAS; Zheng et al., 2020, Nature Communications). This is a significant contribution to understanding the formation of the Tibetan Plateau and its controlling mechanism. The initial paper published in Journal of petrology (Ding et al., 2003) is ranked 6th in terms of citations among all papers published since 2003.

1999  Ph.D.  Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS
1991  M.S.  Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS
1988  B.S.  School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University

Working Experience
2018  Deputy director of Academic Affairs, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS
2004  Director of CAS Key Laboratory of Continental Collision and Plateau Uplift
2003  Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS
1995  Associate Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS

Research Interest

My expertise lies in continental tectonics, regional geology, continental collision between Eurasia and India and uplift of Tibetan Plateau. 

Selected Publications

Research Grants

1.   Leading the Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research Project " The Uplift and Evolution of Tibetan Plateau" funded by MOST, 2019-2024

2.    Leading the Center for basic Science project "Continental collision, subduction and impacts of plateau growth" funded by NSFC, 2020-2024

3.    Leading the International Cooperation and Exchange project "Normal Faulting, basin development, and paleoelevation in south Tibet and the evolution of the Tibetan Plateau" funded by NSFC, 2019-2022

4.    Leading the project "The collisional and uplift processes of Himalaya-Zagros orogenic belts and its effect on the southern Asian monsoon" funded by CAS, 2018-2023

5.    Leading the International Cooperation and Exchange project “Evolution of vegetation and biodiversity during Paleogene and early Neogene” funded by NSFC, 2017-2020

6.    Leading the project "Collisional orogenic process and metallogenic setting in the Tibetan plateau" funded by MOST, 2016-2020

7.    Leading the major program "Process of deformation in Himalayan syntaxis" funded by NSFC, 2015-2019

8.    Leading the project "Structural mapping in Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis" funded by Chengdu Engineering Corporation limited, 2015-2017

9.    Leading the project "Timing and suturing process between India and Asia continents" funded by CAS, 2012-2017

10.  Leading the project "Continental convergence process and metallogenic setting in the southern Tibetan plateau" funded by MOST, 2011-2015

11.  Leading the project "3D animation of uplift of Tibetan Plateau" funded by CAS, 400 000 RMB, 2011-2013

12.  Leading the CAS “Structural Geology" funded by CAS, 2011-2011

13.  Leading the project "Deformation and Environmental change in Pamir Plateau" funded by CAS, 2010-2013

14.  Leading the project "Formation of Tibetan Plateau and related environmental impacts and 3D movie" funded by MOST, 2010-2012

15.  Leading the project "Magmatism and metallogenic constraints by crust-mantle interaction in Sanjiang belt" funded by CAS, 2008-2013

16.  Leading the project "Quantitative uplift of Tibetan Plateau" funded by CAS, 2008-2011

17.  Leading the project "Rift evolution and its related metallogeny in the main collision zone" funded by CAS, 2008-2010

18.  Leading the Distinguished Young Scholar project "Deformation of Orogen in Qiangtang terrane" funded by NSFC, 2007-2010

19.  Leading the project "Continental subduction and Orogen in Tibet" funded by CAS, 2005-2008

20.  Leading the project "scientific expedition of Hoh Xil" funded by China Unicom, 2005-2007

21.  Leading the project "Rift evolution and its related metallogeny in the main collision zone" funded by MOST, 2003-2008


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