Talent details

Name:Fahu Chen
Title & Affiliation:PhD, Professor, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Homepage in Chinese:http://sourcedb.itpcas.cas.cn/cn/expert/201707/t20170727_4837232.html
Address:Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 China

Education and Appointments


Ph.D. in Quaternary Sciences, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1990

M.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1987

B.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1984 


Professor, Director, Institute of Tibet Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Science, 2018-present
Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou university, 2015-present
Professor, Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change, Lanzhou University, 2009-2014
Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou university, 1994-2009
Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Lanzhou University, 1992-1994
Lecturer, Department of Geography, Lanzhou University, 1990-1994
Vice-President (responsible for research and journal management), Lanzhou University,2007-present
Director, Key Laboratory of West China’s Environmental System, Ministry of Education, China, 2005-present
Director, Center for Arid Environment and Paleoclimate Research (CAEP), 2001-2008 Visiting Professor, University College of London, UK, 2001-2006
Dean, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, 1999-2005
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool, 1995-1997

Research Interest

Quaternary (especially Holocene) Environment, Climatic Changes, Loess-Desert-Aeolian Processes & History, Environmental Archeology and Palaeolimnology. 

Selected Publications

1.Chen, F.H.*, Xie, T.T., Yang, Y.J., Chen, S.Q., Chen, F., Huang, W., Chen, J.*, 2023. Discussion of the “warming and wetting” trend and its future variation in the drylands of Northwest China under global warming. Science China Earth Sciences, 66, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11430-022-1098-x.

2.Wang, X.M., Ge, Q.S., Geng, X., Wang, Z.S., Gao, L., Bryan, B.A., Chen, S.Q., Su, Y.N., Cai, D.W., Ye, J.S., Sun, J.M., Lu, H.Y., Che, H.Z., Cheng, H., Liu, H.Y., Liu, B.L., Dong, Z.B., Cao, S.X., Hua, T., Chen, S.Y., Sun, F.B., Luo, G.P., Wang, Z.T., Hu, S., Xu, D.Y., Chen, M.X., Li, D.F., Liu, F., Xu, X.L., Han, D.M., Zheng, Y., Xiao, F.Y., Li, X.B., Wang, P., Chen, F.H.*, 2023. Unintended consequences of combating desertification in China. Nature Communications 14, 1139. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-023-36835-z

3.Chen, F.H.*, Chen, S.Q., Zhang, X., Chen, J.H., Wang, X., Gowan, E.J., Qiang, M.R., Dong, G.H., Wang, Z.L., Li, Y.C., Xu, Q.H., Xu, Y.Y., Smol, J.P., Liu, J.B.*, 2020. Asian dust-storm activities dominated by Chinese dynasty changes since 2000 BP. Nature Communications, doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-14765-4.

4.Chen, F.H.*, Welker, F., Shen, C.-C., Bailey, S.E., Bergmann, I., Davis, S., Xia, H., Wang, H., Fischer, R., Freidline, S.E., Yu, T.-L., Skinner, M.M., Stelzer, S., Dong, G.R., Fu, Q.M., Dong, G.H., Wang, J., Zhang, D.J.*, Hublin, J.-J.*, 2019. A late Middle Pleistocene Denisovan mandible from the Tibetan Plateau. Nature, 569: 409-412.

5.Chen, F.H., Chen, J.H., Huang, W., Chen, S.Q., Huang, X.Z., Jin, L.Y., Jia, J., Zhang, X.J., An, C.B., Zhang, J.W., Zhao, Y., Yu, Z.C., Zhang, R.H., Liu, J.B., Zhou, A.F., Feng, S., 2019. Westerlies Asia and monsoonal Asia: Spatiotemporal differences in climate change and possible mechanisms on decadal to sub-orbital timescales. Earth-Science Reviews, 192: 337-354.

6.Liu, J.B, Rühland, K.M., Chen, J.H., Xu, Y.Y., Chen, S.Q., Chen, Q.M., Huang, W., Xu, Q.H., Chen, F.H*. Smol, J.P*, 2017. Aerosol-weakened summer monsoons decrease lake fertilization in the Chinese Loess Plateau. Nature Climate Change, 7(3):190–194.

7.Chen, F.H., Dong, G.H., Zhang, D.J., Liu, X.Y., Jia, X., An, C.B., Ma, M.M., Xie, Y.W., Barton, L., Ren, X.Y., Zhao, Z.J., Wu, X.H., and M. K. Jones, 2015, Agriculture facilitated permanent human occupation of the Tibetan Plateau after 3600 BP. Science, 347(6219): 248-250.

8.Chen, F.H., Xu, Q.H., Chen, J.H., Birks, H.J.B., Liu, J.B., Zhang, S.R., Jin, L.Y., An, C.B., Telford, R.J., Cao, X.Y., Wang, Z.L., Zhang, X.J., Selvaraj, K., Lu, H.Y., Li, Y.C., Zheng, Z., Wang, H.P., Zhou, A.F., Dong, G.H., Zhang, J.W., Huang, X.Z., Bloemendal, J., and Rao, Z.G., 2015, East Asian summer monsoon precipitation variability since the last deglaciation. Scientific Reports, DOI: 10.1038/srep11186.

9.Chen, F.H., Li, G.Q., Zhao, H., Jin, M., Chen, X.M., Fan, Y.X., Liu, X.K., Wu, D. and Madsen, D., 2014, Landscape evolution of the Ulan Buh Desert in northern China during the late Quaternary. Quaternary Research, 81(3):476–487.

10.Chen, F.H., Chen, X.M., Chen, J.H., Zhou, A.F., Wu, D., Tang, L.Y., Zhang, X.J., Huang, X.Z., and Yu, J.Q., 2014, Holocene vegetation history, precipitation changes and Indian summer monsoon evolution documented from sediments of Xingyun Lake, southwest China. Journal of Quaternary Research, 29(7):661–674.

11.Chen, F.H., Qiang, M.R., Zhou, A.F., Xiao, S., Chen, J.H. and Sun, D.H., 2013, A 2000-year dust storm record from Lake Sugan in the dust source area of arid China. Journal of Geophysical Research, 118(5): 2149-2160.

12.Chen, F.H., Chen, J.H., Holmes, J.A., Boomer, I., Austin, P., Gates, J.B., Wang, N.L., Brooks, S.J. and J.W. Zhang, 2010, Moisture changes over the last millennium in the Arid Central Asia: a review, synthesis and comparison with monsoon region. Quaternary Science Review, 29(7-8): 1055-1068.

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