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Bai, Ling 010-8409 7035 bailing@itpcas.ac.cn

Studies of Earth’s deep interior and mechanism for earthquakes using theoretical and observed seismograms.

Chen, Fahu 010-8424 9469 fhchen@itpcas.ac.cn

Quaternary (especially Holocene) Environment, Climatic Changes, Loess-Desert- Aeolian Processes & History, Environmental Archeology and Palaeolimnology.

Cong, Zhiyuan 010-8424 9408 zhiyuancong@itpcas.ac.cn

My research interest includes atmospheric aerosols (trace elements, OC/EC, mineralogy, isotope, optical properties, molecular marker), precipitation chemistry, paleoenvironment reconstruction (ice core and lake sediment), and long-range transport of pollutants over Tibetan Plateau.

Ding, Lin 010-8409 7104 dinglin@itpcas.ac.cn

My expertise lies in continental tectonics, regional geology, continental collision between Eurasia and India and uplift of Tibetan Plateau.

Fan, Weiming 010-8409 7038 wmfan@itpcas.ac.cn
Fang, Xiaomin 010-8409 7090 fangxm@itpcas.ac.cn

Uplift of Tibetan Plateau and environmental change

Feng, Jinliang 010-8409 7095 fengjl@itpcas.ac.cn

Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, Surficial geochemistry

He, Jiankun 010-8409 7064 jkhe@itpcas.ac.cn

GPS and InSAR geodetic measurements, Earthquake triggering related to poroelastic and viscoelastic deformation and fault interaction, Mechanical modeling of active tectonics and geodynamics

Hou, Juzhi 010-8409 7077 houjz@itpcas.ac.cn

Biogeochemical cycles and climate/environment change

Kong, Weidong 010-8409 7039 wdkong@itpcas.ac.cn

Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Lan, Cuo 010-8409 7091 lancuo@itpcas.ac.cn

Cold region surface hydrology, climate change, and land cover change

Li, Weixing 010-8409 7058 wxli@itpcas.ac.cn

Radiation Damage for Thermochronology, Radiation Effects, Fission Tracks, High Pressure(DAC)

Li, Xin xinli@itpcas.ac.cn

Land data assimilation, application of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology, application of remote sensing and GIS in cryospheric research, Integrated watershed study

Liang, Eryuan 010-8409 7069 liangey@itpcas.ac.cn Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology
Liu, Jianbao 010-8409 7034 jbliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Aquatic ecology and limnology, global environmental change

Liu, Jingshi 010-8409 7076 jsliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Cold region Hydrology

Liu, Xiaohan 010-6237 5165 xhliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Structural geology, microtectonics, tectonophysics, plate tectonics, and Antarctica solid-earth science. Scientific administration, and communication of scientific concepts to lay public.

Liu, Yongqin 010-8409 7122 yqliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Microbe and biogeochemistry in the ice, snow and lake on the Tibetan Plateau

Luo, Tianxiang 010-8409 7060 luotx@itpcas.ac.cn

Ecology and Biogeography

Ma, Weiqiang 010-8409 7057 wqma@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric boundary layer meteorology, remote sensing application and numerical model on land-atmosphere interaction in the Tibet Plateau

Ma, Yaoming ymma@itpcas.ac.cn
Pei, Shunping 010-8409 7051 peisp@itpcas.ac.cn

Seismic Tomography on Travel Time and Attenuation

Shen, Miaogen 010-8409 7043 shenmiaogen@itpcas.ac.cn

Ecological Remote Sensing

Shi, Rendeng 010-8409 7062 shirendeng@itpcas.ac.cn

evolution of Tethys oceanic mantle and formation of chromitite

Su, Fengge 010-8409 7074 fgsu@itpcas.ac.cn

Large scale land surface hydrologic modeling

Sun, Yali 010-8409 7061 yalisun@itpcas.ac.cn


Tian, Lide 010-8409 7084 ldt@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Lei 010-8409 7107 wanglei@itpcas.ac.cn

Distributed land surface hydrological modeling (including the cold region hydrological processes) & Integrated Water Resources Management (Flood prediction, drought monitoring and seasonal forecasts, reservoir optimization, etc.).

Wang, Shiping 010-8409 7096 wangsp@itpcas.ac.cn

Climate Change and Grassland Management

Wang, Tao 010-8409 7037 twang@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Xiaoping 010-8409 7120 wangxp@itpcas.ac.cn

Contamination by persistent organic pollutants in the Tibetan Plateau

Wu, Guangjian 010-8409 7080 wugj@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric dust over and near High Asia: properties and climatic impacts;Environmental and Paleoclimatic changes on the Tibetan Plateau: processes and records

Xu, Baiqing 010-8409 7075 baiqing@itpcas.ac.cn
Yan, Maodu 010-8409 7089 maoduyan@itpcas.ac.cn
Yang, Kun 010-8409 7094 yangk@itpcas.ac.cn


Yao, Tandong 010-8409 7088 tdyao@itpcas.ac.cn Glacier Environment and Global Change HomePage
Yi, Chaolu 010-8409 7097 clyi@itpcas.ac.cn

geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Yu, Wusheng 010-8409 7053 yuws@itpcas.ac.cn

Stable isotopes in water (water vapor, precipitation, and leaf water) / Glacier mass balance

Zhang, Fan 010-8409 7030 zhangfan@itpcas.ac.cn

Water Resources and Numerical Modeling

Zhang, Gengxin 010-8409 7071 zhangg@itpcas.ac.cn


Zhang, Yinsheng 010-8409 7073 yszhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Land surface hydrological processes

Zhao, Junmeng 010-8409 7065 zhaojm@itpcas.ac.cn
Zhao, Ping 010-8409 7078 zhaoping@itpcas.ac.cn
Zhou, Shiqiao 010-8409 7127 zhoushq@itpcas.ac.cn Hydrology, Glaciology
Zhu, Liping 010-8409 7093 lpzhu@itpcas.ac.cn

Global Change and Quaternary Environment