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Name(A~Z) Tel E-MAIL Research Interests
An, Baosheng 010-8409 7081 anbaosheng@itpcas.ac.cn
Cai, Dong 0891-6805 523 caidong@itpcas.ac.cn

Mass balance of Glacier

Cai, Fulong flcai@itpcas.ac.cn

My research focuses on the orogenic evolution of mountain belts and associated sedimentary basins. I combine geological mapping and sedimentology with geochronology to understand the process of oceanic subduction and continental collision in Tibet and Myanmar.

Cao, Xianyong xcao@itpcas.ac.cn

Pollen-based past vegetation and climate reconstruction

Chen Deliang +46 31 786 4813 deliang@gvc.gu.se
Chen, Fahu 010-8424 9469 fhchen@itpcas.ac.cn

Quaternary (especially Holocene) Environment, Climatic Changes, Loess-Desert- Aeolian Processes & History, Environmental Archeology and Palaeolimnology.

Cheng, Guodong 0931-4967 200 gdcheng@lzb.ac.cn

Physical Geography (Watershed Hydrology, Watershed Water and Soil Resource Science and Watershed Restoration Ecology)

Chen, Xuelong x.chen@itpcas.ac.cn

land-air interaction coupling and its parameterization

Ding, Lin 010-8409 7104 dinglin@itpcas.ac.cn

My expertise lies in continental tectonics, regional geology, continental collision between Eurasia and India and uplift of Tibetan Plateau.

Dong, Weifeng 010-8409 7098
Fang, Xiaomin 010-8409 7090 fangxm@itpcas.ac.cn

Uplift of Tibetan Plateau and environmental change

Fan, Weiming 010-8409 7038 wmfan@itpcas.ac.cn
Feng, Jinliang 010-8409 7095 fengjl@itpcas.ac.cn

Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, Surficial geochemistry

Feng, Min 010-6483 6241 mfeng@itpcas.ac.cn

Calibration and fusion of multi-sources, multi-types of remote sensing data, and its applications in global forest and water monitor and analysis

Gao, Yang 010-8409 7052 yanggao@itpcas.ac.cn

Mainly focus on remote sensing observed snow and glacier change under global warming and its environmental effect

He, Jiankun 010-8409 7064 jkhe@itpcas.ac.cn

GPS and InSAR geodetic measurements, Earthquake triggering related to poroelastic and viscoelastic deformation and fault interaction, Mechanical modeling of active tectonics and geodynamics

Hou, Juzhi 010-8409 7077 houjz@itpcas.ac.cn

Biogeochemical cycles and climate/environment change

Jiang, Lili lljiang@itpcas.ac.cn

Grassland Ecology, Global change Ecology

Ji, Yingfeng 15810094403 yingfengji@itpcas.ac.cn

3-D numerical simulation of the thermal regime, slab dehydration, petrological metamorphism and seismicity of the plate convergent zones.

Lei, yanbin 010-8409 7046 leiyb@itpcas.ac.cn
Liang, Eryuan 010-8409 7069 liangey@itpcas.ac.cn Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology
Li, Minghui 010-8409 7056 liminghui@itpcas.ac.cn
Liu, Hongbing 010-8409 7048 hbliu@itpcas.ac.cn
Liu, Jianbao 010-8409 7034 jbliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Aquatic ecology and limnology, global environmental change

Liu, Jingshi 010-8409 7076 jsliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Cold region Hydrology

Liu, Xiaohan 010-6237 5165 xhliu@itpcas.ac.cn

Structural geology, microtectonics, tectonophysics, plate tectonics, and Antarctica solid-earth science. Scientific administration, and communication of scientific concepts to lay public.

Liu, Yongwen liuyongwen@itpcas.ac.cn

Global change and terrestrial carbon-nitrogen cycle

Li, Xin xinli@itpcas.ac.cn

Land data assimilation, application of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology, application of remote sensing and GIS in cryospheric research, Integrated watershed study

Lonnie Thompson
Luo, Tianxiang 010-8409 7060 luotx@itpcas.ac.cn

Ecology and Biogeography

Lu, Xinmiao 010-8409 7051 lvxm@itpcas.ac.cn

vegetation ecology and palynology

Ma, Yaoming ymma@itpcas.ac.cn
Pan, Xiaoduo 010-6483 3141 panxd@itpcas.ac.cn

Regional climate change, data assimilation, data integration, big data analysis

Pei, Shunping 010-8409 7051 peisp@itpcas.ac.cn

Seismic Tomography on Travel Time and Attenuation

Piao, Shilong 010-6275 3298 slpiao@itpcas.ac.cn
Qin, Jun 010-8409 7059 shuairenqin@itpcas.ac.cn
quantitative remote sensing and its applications in hydrometeorology
Shen, Miaogen 010-8409 7043 shenmiaogen@itpcas.ac.cn

Ecological Remote Sensing

Shi, Xiaonan 010-8409 7115 shixiaonan@itpcas.ac.cn

Watershed hydrology and mass transport in water (including solution, sediment, and stable isotope), by focusing on the model theory, process and mechanism, and application

Tang, Wenjun 010-8409 7046 tangwj@itpcas.ac.cn

Quantitative remote sensing ; Surface energy balance and climate change  

Tian, Lide 010-8409 7084 ldt@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Junbo 010-8409 7055 wangjb@itpcas.ac.cn

Lake sediments and environmental changes

Wang, Mo wangmo@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric Environment

Wang, Shifeng 010-8409 7049 wsf@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Weicai 010-8424 9468 weicaiwang@itpcas.ac.cn

Glacial lake mapping and glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) risk assessment on the Tibetan Plateau

Wang, Weimin 010-8409 7049 wangwm@itpcas.ac.cn
Wang, Yafeng 010-8424 9481 yfwang@itpcas.ac.cn
Wei, Honghong 010-8409 7048 weihh@itpcas.ac.cn

Sedimentology and Basin Analysis

Wu, Fuli 010-8409 7056 wufuli@itpcas.ac.cn

Late Cenozoic climatic change

Wu, Guangjian 010-8409 7080 wugj@itpcas.ac.cn

Atmospheric dust over and near High Asia: properties and climatic impacts;Environmental and Paleoclimatic changes on the Tibetan Plateau: processes and records

Xie, Pengyun
Xu, Baiqing 010-8409 7075 baiqing@itpcas.ac.cn
Xu, Qiang 010-8409 7172 xuqiang@itpcas.ac.cn

Imaging the crust and upper mantle structure of Tibetan Plateau by seismic techniques

Xu, Qiang 010-8409 7109 xuq@itpcas.ac.cn
Xu, Ri 010-8409 7072 xu-ri@itpcas.ac.cn

Global change and biogeochemical cycles

Yang, Kun 010-8409 7094 yangk@itpcas.ac.cn


Yang, Xiaoyan 010-8409 7094 xyang@itpcas.ac.cn
Yang, Yibo yangyibo@itpcas.ac.cn

Interactions between tectonics, climate, erosion and weathering linked with the Tibetan Plateau uplift and the Asian monsoon evolution

Yan, Maodu 010-8409 7089 maoduyan@itpcas.ac.cn
Ye, Qinghua 010-8409 7054 yeqh@itpcas.ac.cn I am interested in comprehensive research on geographical changes of spatial pattern and temporal process from space by digital satellite images and Geographical Information System (GIS). Up to now my research focuses on Cryosphere monitoring, e.g. changes of glacier/ice and lakes over the Tibetan Plateau using multi-source remote-sensing data and GIS technologies.
Yi, Chaolu 010-8409 7097 clyi@itpcas.ac.cn

geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Zhang, Fan 010-8409 7030 zhangfan@itpcas.ac.cn

Water Resources and Numerical Modeling

Zhang, Gengxin 010-8409 7071 zhangg@itpcas.ac.cn


Zhang, Heng zhangheng415@itpcas.ac.cn

Seismology, Geophysics and Geodynamics

Zhang, Qinghai zhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Biostratigraphy, Paleoenvironment

Zhang, Weilin 010-8409 7034 zhangwl@itpcas.ac.cn
Zhang, Yinsheng 010-8409 7073 yszhang@itpcas.ac.cn

Land surface hydrological processes

Zhao, Junmeng 010-8409 7065 zhaojm@itpcas.ac.cn
Zheng, Donghai zhengd@itpcas.ac.cn

Land Surface Modeling, Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture

Zhu, Liping 010-8409 7093 lpzhu@itpcas.ac.cn

Global Change and Quaternary Environment